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Image Name Product Code: Price: Action
J C Textured Leatherette J C Textured Leatherette KBT-JC2166-F32-B61-C £5.79
Just Colour Leatherette Vinyl Just Colour Leatherette Vinyl KBT-JC2166-F32-B61 £5.79
Keira Upholstery Fabric Keira Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02044 £4.75
Leather Look Vinyl Leather Look Vinyl KBT9373-F11-B25-L £6.95
Lining Fabric Lining Fabric KBT116-F9-B32 £1.95
Lomond Check Upholstery Fabric Lomond Check Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02056 £5.95
Lomond Stripe Upholstery Fabric Lomond Stripe Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02059 £5.95
Majestic Upholstery Fabric Majestic Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02062 £5.95
Malta Upholstery Fabric Malta Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02048 £6.95
Manhattan Upholstery Fabric Manhattan Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02042 £6.25
Marble Upholstery Fabric Marble Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02041 £5.25
Molton Fabric 3Mtr Wide Molton Fabric 3Mtr Wide KBT5646-F74-B377 £9.49
Monaco Upholstery Fabric Monaco Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02047 £3.95
Mundial Pinking Shears Mundial Pinking Shears 1865 Green £22.86
Muslin Fabric Muslin Fabric KBT214-ES008EM-F10-B66 £1.20
Peach Skin Digital Print Base Peach Skin Digital Print Base KBT11627-U52 £2.95
Plain Fleece Fabric Plain Fleece Fabric KBTF001-F9-B121 £4.95
Poly Cotton Poly Cotton KBT2498-F65-B125-2 £2.25
Poly Cotton Drill Poly Cotton Drill HT002-F9-B39 £4.95
Poly Cotton Fabric- FR Poly Cotton Fabric- FR KBT2498-F65-B125-2N £2.95
Showing 41 to 60 of 90 (5 Pages)