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Carlton Upholstery Fabric Carlton Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02046 £4.75
Tweed Upholstery Fabric Tweed Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02045 £5.50
Keira Upholstery Fabric Keira Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02044 £4.75
Henley Upholstery Fabric Henley Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02043 £4.95
Manhattan Upholstery Fabric Manhattan Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02042 £6.25
Marble Upholstery Fabric Marble Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02041 £5.25
Cannes Upholstery Fabric Cannes Upholstery Fabric KBT-N2021/02040 £5.95
Stretch Net Fabric Stretch Net Fabric KBT-N2021/02036 £6.99
Airtex Fabric Airtex Fabric KBT-N2021/02035 £6.99
Polyester Honeycomb Knitted Polyester Honeycomb Knitted KBT-N2021/02034 £1.95
Spacer Fabric Spacer Fabric KBT-N2021/02031 £1.95
Black Spacer Fabric Black Spacer Fabric KBT-N2021/02030 £2.95
Spacer Ribbed Fabric - Black Spacer Ribbed Fabric - Black KBT-N2021/02025 £2.95
Tenacity Polyester Solid Fabric Tenacity Polyester Solid Fabric KBT-N2021/02024 £1.85
Quilted Denim Fabric - Big Box Quilted Denim Fabric - Big Box KBT-N2021/020222 £11.99
Quilted Fabric - Big Box Quilted Fabric - Big Box KBT-N2021/020221 £6.49
Power Mesh Fabric Power Mesh Fabric KBT-N2021/02022-U134 £1.65
Flat Elastic 25mm - White Flat Elastic 25mm - White KBT-N2021/02022-MP50 £0.18
Strong Cotton Webbing 25mm x 50mtr Roll Strong Cotton Webbing 25mm x 50mtr Roll KBT-N2021/02022-MP4259 £0.89
Seat Belt Webbing 50mm wide Seat Belt Webbing 50mm wide KBT-N2021/02022-50mm-BLK £0.79
Showing 61 to 80 of 94 (5 Pages)