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Tacwise 53/10mm Staples - 2000 Pack

  • Tacwise 53/10mm Staples - 2000 Pack

Tacwise 53 Staples 10mm

 Fine wire staple ideal for semi-pro/DIY applications. Ideal for intricate/discrete work. 

Compatible with the Tacwise Z3-53 range, the Hobby 53EL electric tacker, and other popular brands in the market.


  • Type: 53 Staples
  • Staple Width: 11.35mm
  • Staple Leg Length: 10mm
  • Pack Size: 2000
  • Tacwise Code: TAC0336

Refills For Tacwise Models: Z3-53, Z3-53L, Z3-4in1, Hobby 53EL

Suitable for other makes and models

Replacement staples for Tacwise Staplers, Arrow, Rapesco, Stanley, Rapid/Rawlplug, Powershot, Ryobi, Draper, Homebase, Focus, Screwfix, Clarke, SIP, Bosch

Tacwise Staple Guide

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  • Brand: Tacwise Staples
  • Type: Regular Item
  • Product Code: Tacwise 53/10mm Staples 2k
  • Availability: In Stock
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